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Graham Martin '07
Practice Areas
  • Contracts
  • Litigation | general
Admission States
  • Minnesota
Employer Information
Name Wilcox & Martin PLLC
Address 3011 36th Avenue South
  Suite 4
  Minneapolis, MN 55406 US
Main (651) 895-2945
Direct (612) 217-4657
Personal Information
Languages English

Graham Martin specializes in civil litigation and contracts, breaches of contract, construction disputes, employment concerns, business formation and dissolution. Graham has worked with:  


  • Landlords and tenants
  • Businesses and individuals
  • Employers and contractors
  • Homebuyers and realtors
  • Service providers and consumers
  • Purchasers and sellers  


Graham also has experience in family law, bankruptcy, intellectual property, estate disputes, and many types of transactional matters. Graham is well-versed in considerations that affect the long-term viability and success of your relationship, transaction, or agreement. Having litigated in and advised on a large variety of subjects, he is adept at spotting far-off concerns that may not yet have presented themselves in your particular circumstances. He acts with compassion and strength as your guide through a process that can be cold, frightening, and nonsensical. Graham understands the feelings you are faced with and realizes they can be the most stressful and frightening of your life.


J.D., University of St. Thomas School of Law (Minn.)
M.A., Philosophy, Boston University
B.A., Music, Philosophy, St. Olaf College

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