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Lucas Wilson '10
Practice Areas
  • Commercial Transactions
  • Construction
  • General Practice
  • Litigation | general
Admission States
  • Minnesota
Employer Information
Name Wilson Law, LLC
Address 3109 Hennepin Avenue South
  Minneapolis, MN 55408 US
Main (612) 977-3180
Cell (952) 715-9457
Fax (952) 314-1534
Personal Information
Cell (952) 715-9457
Languages English

Wilson Law, LLC, and its sole member Lucas D. Wilson, is a full-service law firm located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Lucas Wilson deals in a variey of law practice areas, but is working diligently to center his law practice around the following areas: Small/Family Business Planning & Risk Assessment, Construction Law, Structured Commercial Transactions, and Real Estate. In addition to his extensive legal experience, Lucas Wilson worked for a private construction company for 7 years throughout his undergraduate and law school training. Lucas truly has passion for the construction work itself and possesses the unique ability to relate and effectively communicate with those who work in the industry. Providing the best service and building a strong relationship with each client are key components to Wilson Law, LLC's mission and how they do business. Many law firms in the greater Twin Cities area can produce high-quality legal work, but it's the personal and professional relationships that count for something more. Ultimately, Lucas Wilson strives to capitalize on establishing and maintaining a special relationship with each client, which is relatively an untapped company asset that some law firms fail to recognize. Simply put, Wilson Law, LLC is in a position and has the understanding to provide value--something each client is looking for.

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